14 Day Digestive Boost Content

Why Focus on The Gut?


The gut is foundational to optimal health, it is where 75-80% of your immune system lives, it makes 90-95% of your serotonin, it absorbs the nutrients you eat, plus more! 

When you focus on the health of your gut you alter the balance of the gut flora, returning it to a healthy ratio of 80/20. That is 80% good flora and 20% bad flora, in most people today their bacteria ratio is reversed, this is considered to be the root cause to many chronic health issues.

Bennefits of a Healthy Gut


Here are some benefits to watch for:

- Better, more restful sleep 

- Improved energy

- Increased metabolism   

- Skin conditions may begin to clearing up

- Stronger immune system 

- Brain fog lifting

- Positive personality changes 

- Repaired leaky gut

- May reduce symptoms caused by Crohn's, Arthritis, Autoimmune, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Thyroid, Diabetes, Depression, Irritable Bowel and Acid Reflux

- Improved elimination of body fluids and fecal matter

What People are Saying


" The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning of the program has been my increase in energy, less stomach aches, cramping, bloating, better regularity, etc. Plus an added bonus of losing weight around my midsection." Michelle T.


"I would describe Carmen as calm, reflective and understanding. She highlighted "wins" when I couldn't see them, and helped me to be patient through health challenges." Sheila D.


"I would describe Carmen Barclay as loving, caring, kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, giving, and supportive. Leilani A.

What You Get

 For the 14 day Digestive Boost you will receive 

- daily emails for 14 days with tips, recipes and ideas from a certified Health Coach Carmen Barclay. 

- top of the line digestive enzymes and probiotics.

- a Health Guide to help you before, during and after your Boost.

- a shopping list of foods that help to repair the gut.

- access to Carmen via email and text to answer your questions and support you through this 14 day boost. 

Remember, this is the beginning of a healthier digestive system, be gentle with yourself. It's as if a star is being born! So be open to doing things that make you shine!  



We suggest you consult with your doctor before starting any new health program. This information is not intended to replace or conflict with advice given to you by your doctor or other health professional.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are Carmen's Professional Credentials?

I am an experienced wellness professional trained in diet, lifestyle, and wellness coaching. I graduated as a Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

A motivating factor to becoming a Health Coach was to get a deeper understanding of my health issues. When I was 27 I was diagnosed with "leaky gut" and was never provided with the tools to heal my gut and change my lifestyle. By the time I turned 50, my thyroid was not functioning properly, this lead me to medications and a determination to heal and seal my gut because I now understood the importance of a healthy gut. 

This lead me to working with people who have digestive issues and wish to stop the bloating, irritable bowel, stomach cramps, gas, indigestion, fatigue and more. 

I am a trained and experienced Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach with a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Naturally, this will vary from person to person based on their current level of health and their willingness to participate. Nevertheless, even if the motivation isn’t there right away, that’s okay. I am skilled in inspiring clients to take action. My workshops, presentations, coaching sessions, and materials are interesting and engaging. By starting with small, achievable goals, you will start seeing results rather quickly and will be motivated to move on to larger healthy lifestyle commitments.

When Can I Start?

You will start as soon as you receive your Guide Book and your 14 days will begin as soon as your probiotics and enzymes arrive. This is a continuous entry program.

How Much Does This Cost?

The fee for your 14 Day Digestive Boost is only $150 CDN.

You can pay by Pay Pal, Credit Card, or Email Money Transfer.

How Do I Sign Up?

Once Carmen has received your payment, you will will received an email from Carmen with the 14 Day Digestive Boost Guide and instructions on what to do next.

14 Day Digestive Boost


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Give your digestive system a boost! This program is a first step on your journey to digestive health!