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Lifestyle Guidance

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle and balance to managing life's challenges and blessings has given me insights  into the many changes one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to the people I partner with. 

Evolution Of Go Between Consulting

My extensive experience began over 18 years ago, assisting families going through challenging separation and divorce issues. 

After completing a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management I began expanding on my holistic health knowledge and skills. Completing a Health & Lifestyle Coaching program and then a Health Coaching degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

My deep understanding of conflict and health management allows me to guide my clients through to the lifestyles that work best for each of them!

My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help  each of them improve their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.  

Trusted Partnerships

My education and training completes my holistic health coaching arsenal – allowing me  to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to  achieve your goals. 

I have some companies that I trust with my health and legal protection. I am a USANA distributor and an employee benefits specialist with Legal Shield. I have sourced herbs and resources that I trust, some I get an affiliate fee from and others I do not. The main thing is that I will not recommend anything I have not tried and developed a trust with.

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